My Journey to Becoming a Health Coach

Jessica Gaydos | Thursday April 26th, 2018

Just a few months ago I was sitting in my dorm room in upstate New York wondering
where I had gone wrong. I was taking classes that didn’t interest me and feeling out of place,
finding it difficult to connect with the people around me on a deeper level. I was stuck in a
major that I was no longer passionate about that didn’t light the fire in my soul like it had
before. I was incredibly stressed every day just like I had been in high school. I remember
staring at myself in the mirror and noticing how the color seemed to have been drained from
my face and I looked more like a walking zombie than I person I remembered. I was not just
tired on physical level, but on a soul level. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled or like I was in the right place,
so I knew I had to make some changes. I knew deep down that I was not meant to be there, so I
decided to take a leap of faith and shift my world around.

After leaving college and moving back in with my parents, I began to brainstorm what
my next move would be. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was put on this planet to help
others and to make a difference in this world, I just never knew how. After taking some time to
sit with myself and asking what it is that I truly want, I developed a new passion for being my
own boss. For being the creator of my own life. For taking my happiness and well-being into my
own hands. I had a burning desire to be able to travel the world and create my own schedule,
one that would allow me the time and space to put my self-care above all else and not be stuck
in an endless cycle of 9 to 5. I knew I needed a career that would this time make me feel
content with what I was doing.

I decided that I wanted to do something that would enhance my spiritual journey.
During my short stay at college, I dived deeper into spirituality and wanted to be able to
incorporate this into the work I would be doing for a living. Ever since going vegan about 2
years ago, I have loved learning about nutrition and how we are able to heal ourselves without
the use of pharmaceuticals. I fell in love with everything about the plant based lifestyle, and I
wanted to learn how I could help others heal themselves as well. As I was researching my
options, health coaching just seemed like the right path for me to take. I had a feeling it would
be an amazing opportunity for me to combine my desires of being at service and healing others

Through joining the Health Coach Institute and signing up for their Become a Health
Coach training, I have had the amazing opportunity to be able to learn about nutrition and how
to coach clients at a deeper level. I have also been granted the wonderful ability to be able to
connect with other like-minded individuals who are taking the course who have similar goals
and ambitions. When starting something new and taking a big step in a new direction, it can be
incredibly helpful to be able to reach out to people who are going through the same thing.
Having that sense of community and being a part of a tribe made up of other aspiring coaches
has most certainly made the whole process a lot easier.

Since starting this health coaching journey, I have realized that becoming an
entrepreneur and chasing a dream that seems far-fetched can be an incredibly nerve-racking
and even scary experience, but I tend to remind myself that if someone has been able to do it
before me, then so can I. It doesn’t matter how old we are, what we were doing before, or
what other people may think of what we are pursuing.

We all deserve to have a job or career that we are passionate about and that make us feel wholeheartedly fulfilled. If we allow
ourselves to let go of limiting beliefs, we will see the true potential that we possess and
recognize our own ability in not letting our dreams die out, but rather being able to breathe life
into them.

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